Freddy de Kerpel

In 1969 Freddy De Kerpel became Belgian heavyweight champion as an amateur fighter. 

He succesfully defended his title and than left it vacant to move to light heavyweight.

He started his professional career in Los Angeles - USA in 1970, with a fight he won against Ruben Sepulveda.

At that time he was Jerry Quarry's sparringpartner who was in preparation of his Mohammad Ali fight.

In 1973 he returned to Belgium to fight Gilbert Monteyne, a fight he won. Soon after they fought a second time and again Freddy won the fight.

In 1974 Freddy fought Jean Tshikuna for the Belgian title, a fight he won on points. 

Freddy succesfully defended his title in 1975 against Christian Mossoux.

That same year he was challenger for the EBU title against Domenico Adinolfi.

In 1977 Freddy won the EBU semi-finals against the champion of France Robert Amory.

The long awaited fight against Jean Pierre Coopman in 1999 ended with a draw.

Freddy De Kerpel had a total of 30 fights as a professional fighter, of which he won 25 - 9 by the way of knock-out. He lost 4 fights and had one draw.


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