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Welcome to the club

Boxing Fuel Club is a dedicated space for individuals of all levels to immerse themselves in the art of boxing. Our focus on private and small group sessions, with a maximum of eight participants, ensures a personalized and attentive approach to training. Whether you're taking your first steps into the ring or refining your skills as an experienced boxer, our aim is to provide a supportive environment where you can grow and excel.


Our Philosophy

At Boxing Fuel Club, we believe in the transformative power of boxing beyond just physical fitness. Our training sessions are designed to not only enhance your boxing technique but also cultivate discipline, focus, and mental resilience. We understand that each individual has unique goals and challenges, which is why our experienced coaches tailor their guidance to suit your specific needs.

Join Us

If you're looking for a professional and welcoming environment to explore the world of boxing, we invite you to join us at Boxing Fuel Club. Whether you're seeking to improve your fitness, sharpen your skills, or simply enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded individuals, you'll find a place here among our community of passionate boxers.

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Basic Membership - €99

  • 5 small group sessions (1-hour each)
  • Valid for 3 months
  • Extra: 1 bring-a-friend voucher

Standard Membership - €179

  • 10 small group sessions (1-hour each)
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Extra: 1 free small group session, 1 bring-a-friend voucher

Premium Membership - €499

  • 10 private sessions (1-hour each)
  • Valid for 6 months
  • Extra: 1 free private session


Drop in sessions available: €25 for small group session and €50 for a private session.
Clients who opt for memberships can also include their first paid training session in their chosen formula.

Please note that indoor shoes are required for hygiene purposes at BF Club. Towels are available for members, and boxing gear can be either used or purchased at the club.

For other inquiries such as team-building events, please contact us at or +32 476 57 32 29


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