Boxing Fuel Nutrients was founded by Nico Vidts and Christina De Kerpel. Nico has been boxing for more than 25 years and Christina trains on a daily basis. Her father is former professional boxer Freddy De Kerpel, well-known in the sport of boxing.

After a major surgery and long rehabilitation, Nico had orthomolecular follow-up for quite some time. And the results were fantastic. But he had to take large amounts of supplements. He wanted things to be different. Simpler. Nico decided to work with feedback from Freddy and other professional boxers and top athletes.

Thus the duo pack of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants was born: Boxing Fuel Day & Boxing Fuel Night. These complete daily essentials come in just a few capsules.They aimed for phamaceutical grade supplements, a vegan product, made in Belgium and garanteed doping-free. This is demonstrated through the Sport Protect certificate. The supplements are usable by all athletes. Professional or recreational. For people who want to get the best out of themselves. Supporting them, day and night, on the way to their goals #FUELED24/7